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This is a gift card with a heart. It brings people together for a greater cause and has the power to create a lasting impact.
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The DonateKart gift card is a gift with a purpose. It brings people together for a greater cause and has the power to change someone's life forever. This donation e-gift card can be sent to your friends and family for any occasion or celebration in a few simple steps. They can then redeem it on any of the campaigns they choose to support on Donatekart. This one simple act can have a meaningful impact on everyone involved. This is truly a life-changing gift.
This is not a regular gift card - it's so much more meaningful than that. It’s a gift that not only brings joy to the giver and receiver but also to someone in need. Imagine giving your loved one a birthday gift card that they can use to help an abandoned puppy? or an anniversary gift card with which they can help an elderly person? the impact of the gift card is limitless! It's simple, thoughtful, and makes everyone involved happy.
Everyone and anyone! Whether you’re an individual or a company, this gift card is the perfect gift for any occasion. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or festivals - we’ve got you covered!
We’ve made this process simple and hassle-free just for you. This is an e-gift card and takes just 4 simple steps to gift to someone:
2. Select an occasion
3. Choose the amount and number of cards
4. Send it to your loved one

Within minutes, they will receive the gift card in their email.
You will receive the gift card in your email along with a coupon code. You can then use this coupon code to redeem the gift card on any campaign you choose to support on Donatekart. Enter the coupon code on the checkout page, and you’re done!
No. You will have to use the entire amount on the gift card while redeeming.
Yes, you can claim tax benefits for your transaction. You will receive an 80G receipt for purchasing the Donatekart Gift Card.
No. You cannot claim tax benefits for the amount redeemed using the gift card. However, if you decide to donate more than your gift card value, you can claim tax benefits for that amount. For example: You receive a gift card worth Rs. 500 from your mother, but you wish to donate an additional Rs. 600 on Donatekart to the campaign of your choice. So the total amount donated will be Rs. 1100 i.e Rs. 500 redeemed from the gift card, plus Rs. 600 paid in addition by you. You can then claim tax benefits for the Rs. 600 you donated in addition to your gift card (whereas your mother can claim tax benefits for Rs. 500 spent while purchasing the gift card)
You can redeem the gift card on ANY campaign on Donatekart. Just pick a cause that’s close to your heart, and your gift card will be applicable.
To buy the gift card in bulk, please click here to fill the form with your details and requirements. Once we've received the form, our team will get in touch with you regarding the same.